How do ya like THEM capers

One benefit of having a non-traditional work schedule is the ability to escape the city during the day. While most of my friends were locked in their concrete jungle cubicle cages, I was off foraging for produce with one of New York’s best chefs and wading through a creek/crick (depending on where yer from) more lovely than the one in the scene with the water nymphs in O Brother, Where Art Thou?


Colonie executive chef Brad McDonald and two other culinary compadres and I woke up before that ball of fire in the sky did and picked ramp buds all morning near Roscoe, NY.

The tongue-between-the-teeth move improves ramp bud picking dexterity.

We even had our own foraging soundtrack.

We picked, Josh plucked.

We’ve since cleaned and pruned (and pruned and pruned…) all the tiny buds off the stems. They’re now taking a looong vinegar bath en route to becoming one-of-a-kind garlicky capers that will likely end up atop a buttery East Coast fish.

Li’l ramp buddies.

Fresh watercress on its way to sidle up to a skirt steak near you (if you live in NYC, that is).

Home sweet BK

If you’re extra lucky, you can chomp on capers picked by the hands typing this while eavesdropping on a sexy R&B singer (which I only mention since some a-hole already snitched to Page Six).

Speaking of Roscoe, here’s a fittingly rural music video by a band from the place I used to call home, North Texas. Just please don’t ever call it the Metroplex.


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