Smorgasburg: A gluttony photo diary

Om nom nom on the Williamsburg Waterfront.


1. A buffet meal featuring a varied number of dishes
2. A varied collection

We came, we saw, we ate everything. Photos from Smorgasburg:

Pork bun in the rain

...the right way. This, however, does not:

That man is anything but doughy.


Gorgeous glaze, but the chewy, spidery hibiscus tentacles belong in a glass curio jar.

Fried anchovies from Bonchovie. Dunk the eyes in the aioli, otherwise you will lose this staring contest.

Pork bun close-up. Happy Sabbath!

Not pictured: fried chicken on a biscuit sandwich with bacon and ranch, porchetta sandwich, tart passion fruit-glazed doughnut sprinkled with cocoa nibs, apple-ginger soda from Brooklyn Soda Works and mango kombucha via Kombucha Brooklyn.

Blue Bottle iced coffee with milk is as flavorful and as superior to all others as rumored.


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