Toidy-Toid and Toid

My girl Heather Quinlan is making a film about the New York accent called If These Knishes Could Talk.

Like what you hear? Go support her endeavor via Kickstarter. This campaign wraps up Friday, September 16, so click quickly.

My first knish, devoured with spicy mustard at Knish Nosh in Central Park.

I want to make a 2-minute film in which the knishes do talk, a la the Annoying Orange, but not for purposes of annoying anyone.

(This is an easy trick to do, one I did with a photo of Rusty the longhorn, the Star-Telegram’s mascot, and the voice of a former editor.)

As for the talking knishes, I’d want to record the conversation that would happen upon first introduction between my friend Bobby’s Italian mother from Staten Island, and my friend Rich, who has a Russian and Jewish accent born of Brighton Beach. I’m guessing they’d bitch about how old New York is vanishing, the Verrazano Bridge toll price and the gentrification of Brooklyn by invaders like me.

Speaking of knish wishes, you can also help Heather if you know or have access to any notable New Yorkers she should interview. I’m lookinatchu Al Pacino, Woody Allen, Joan Rivers, Jay-Z, J-Lo, etc. Hook a sister up.

Here’s an easier one: Where can I find the best knish in New York?


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