From Manhattan to Marlboro

Just as an apple a day keeps the…yada yada, a road trip a month keeps the high-density urban living-induced insanity away.

From one reflective surface…

…to another, in less than two hours.

Weed Orchards


Radio Flyer parking lot

Nooo, Eeeve, don't do it!

An undeveloped niche in the mobile app market: orchard navigation.

Are we in Fuji territory? More importantly, how do we get to Fiji?

Lord of the Apples moss


There’s no set schedule for city escape therapy, but when I realize it’s been months since I’ve left the five boroughs, it’s time to make use of the burden privilege of car ownership. Going to my favorite Fort Tilden beach creates the illusion of a getaway, but you’re still in Queens even when you’re swimming with your legs locked at the knees, pretending to be a mermaid in the Atlantic, so that doesn’t really count. Marlboro, NY, is at an ideal distance from NYC: far enough away that you don’t smell Chinatown seafood market refuse anymore, but close enough that you can make it back to the city in time to drink the 2007 Cabernet Franc you scored at a winery overlooking the Hudson River and watch a movie.

Hudson Valley view

Glorie Farm Winery has several compelling reds, but specializes in Seyval Blanc. Thank you, thank you, MaryEllen, for the impromptu tasting.

Not to be missed whilst in Marlboro: the Raccoon Saloon cheeseburger, upon which they’ll pile grilled jalapenos. Ask for Amy’s section. Talking to her is more interesting than staring at the waterfall out back.

Fun fact for ya, Uncle T -- rabies is transmitted via saliva.

Taxis and tail lights: tell-tale signs that the country jaunt is over.

Have a favorite apple recipe? Leave a link in the comments or send it my way. One use for the 17+ apples now in my possession: apple bread pudding with cinnamon, bacon and sharp cheddar, which becomes what you wanted it to be Sunday when it’s baked again Monday. Flambé any whiskey or bourbon with butter and sugar, drizzle on top and you’re a bona fide brunch baking demigoddess…for a couple minutes, in your own mind.

Bam. Apple-cheddar-bacon bread pudding.

What was that you were saying about an “unavoidable apple-picking scenario,” UrbanDaddy? No homemade breakfast for you.

Want your own Marlboro adventure but don’t have wheels? Borrow mine through SnapGoods.


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