Korean innovation in beer dispensary

Dry ice FTW!

The trek to Flushing was extra arduous, due to being rear-ended on the BQE, but the decision to press on was rewarded with Korean fried chicken and the welcome sight of this light-up beer dispenser topped with a smoking beret of dry ice.

The thing changes colors like a lava lamp, but is filled with beer — a college boy’s dream dorm room accessory. I’m surprised I didn’t see one of these in the Soho loft of a man who owns a smoke and a laser machine.

Quite the head on that Hite.


Kimchi and scallion pancakes.

Supposedly spicy twice fried chicken.

A bit too high-tech: this ill-placed button summons your server. Poor guy had a few fire drills.

Not an armrest.

As if battlling cell phoneinteruptus at dinner isn’t annoying enough. (David Carr, I concur.)

Koreans are mad for chicken and television. Every table has its own flat-screen TV.

I’m mad for a more practical approximation of the aforementioned dispenser, an LED ice bucket.

Mad for Chicken
157-18 Northern Blvd.
Flushing, NY 11354

P.S. There’s also a newer location in Manhattan at 314 5th Ave.

1 comment
  1. zorki said:

    hey, looking for th maker of this cool light-up beer dispenser, I understand it’s from Korae..anyone knows?

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