Welcome to Nom Nom Emporium!

Why the peculiar, Cookie Monster-influenced name?

  1. Most importantly, the URL was available.
  2. I like all the warm Mmm sounds.
  3. The meaning has a broad interpretation, yet sums up what I want to share.

Nom nom: onomatopoeical adjective based on the sound made when something is “oh so tasty.”

Emporium: a marketplace.

In other words, Nom Nom Emporium is a personal blog that is designed to be a delectable collection of curiosities — novel or interesting ideas, observations and stories that I find fascinating and worthy of sharing. And by marketplace I don’t mean a store, but rather a place to store and exhibit a wide variety of anecdotes. I hope you enjoy the goods.


All words and photos are by Kristin Campbell, unless otherwise attributed.

my video work


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